Smart Investment Opportunities
As a hybrid of VC and Angel Group, we have been co-investing with leading VC Firms and also with our regional network. This has helped us to acquire knowledge from the hard learned lessons from the past, and to accumulate an important experience. We have different range of investment, depending on the project, the state of the company, and the co-investors. We have co-invested with Angels, Institutional Funds and VC´s, in more than 20 companies from Latam, US and of course from Uruguay. So far, we had five exits and three write-offs.

In Uruguayan companies, we invest a lot of time of senior mentoring to help entrepreneurs with their business development and operational needs.
woOw is the leading cross-vertical ecommerce in Uruguay. In 2010 Tokai saw the potencial of the daily deal – by then a disruptive model -, brought up by 3 young entrepreneurs, and helped grow the company from zero. In the last three years woOw successfully pivoted into ecommerce and is the leading Company in the sector with 150 employees and revenues over 25MM. (Investors include InCapital)
Satellogic is a disruptive nanosatellite company that will democratize access to space-based services by dramatically reducing the barriers to obtain real-time satellite data, creating a new layer of world-wide awareness. It has already launched seven satellites and plans to build a constellation of 100 that will be built in its new state of the art manufacturing facility in Uruguay. (Investors include Tencent Tech.)
Workana is the leading marketplace for freelance and remote employment for Latin America. Its revenues comes mainly from Brazil, Mexico and Argentina. The company, leaded by Tomas O´Farrel and his experienced team, has been constantly growing and plans to scale up globally. (Investors include Seek Capital)
Infocasas is the leading Real Estate Digital Company in Uruguay, Paraguay & Bolivia. The company provides comprehensive services to both users and operators. Infocasas has had a 3 digit growth in the last 2 years and plans to expand to other countries in the Region. (Invested by Frontier Digital Ventures)
Tienda Mía is the leading cross-border ecommerce in LatAm and offers more than 1000 millions products from USA to the customer´s home. The company successfully integrates Amazon, eBay and Wallmart stores and developed a state of the art logistic hub in Miami to serve the Region. (Angel Round of 2MM)
Rural is the leading Marketplace for Agribusiness in Uruguay.
Ran by Mateo Capdevielle an IT Engineer and farmer expert, with a clear mission to satisfy farmers needs and develop a strong AgTech ecosystem.
Rural has participated in 500 startups program and has began operations in Argentina, Brasil and Paraguay. (Investors include NXTP Labs)