In some projects – usually those from local origin - we “dive in”, taking a pro-active role from the beginning under different models: providing strategic vision, contacts, seed capital, processes and operational support… We really roll up our sleeves and give our best along with the entrepreneur. We enjoy doing it. Usually for our projects we evaluate the following items:

1. The entrepreneur

We are looking for a team; that is the key. Better yet if it comes with the relevant expertise. And if it doesn’t, we will provide it, making experts available or serving as coaches ourselves and being part of the team. However the entrepreneur must have a Vision, Dreams and Passion, lots of Passion.

2. The idea and the Market

For us, innovation is key – whether it is designing a new product or service, or adapting one that has been successful in one part of the world, to the rest of the globe. This is a condition sine qua non to bet on a company. Markets must be attractive and large enough to justify the introduction effort. We may use Uruguay to pilot it as we fully understand it. Ideally we are looking for ideas and products that we like for ourselves; we want the entrepreneur to focus 100% on the customer.

3. The Business Model

We have projects with business models that are absolutely different, and in some cases very innovative. But the scalability of the model is the common and essential factor, the key to the rapid growth and internationalization. Selling them is an option, but we are also passionate about the idea of making them grow and “enjoying” them with the entrepreneur. At Tokai Ventures, we favor using the Inductive Method as a strong favored tool. WE first identify the need, make the analysis and only after that we put together a Team which will lead execution. We invest in companies not just to sell them. Selling them is an option, but we are also passionate about the idea of making them grow and “enjoying” success together with the entrepreneur.